Portable high-speed internet for every application:


Social Media, Music-, Video-Streaming, etc.


Stream films and series in HD or 4K, etc.


Online work, video conferences, etc.


Online gaming with a game console, PC, etc.

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4G Hotspot


twifi 4G mobile wifi hotspot
  • Max. 150 Mbps Download
  • Unlimited Data
  • Including 4G+ WiFi hotspot
  • Without a minimum contract term
  • Switch on and start surfing
  • 1500 mAh Battery
  • 40% discount forever!

CHF: 29.00 49.00


5G Hotspot

Super High-Speed

Internet für Unterwegs Ultimate 5G
  • Max. 2000 Mbps Download
  • Unlimited Data
  • Including 5G Wifi-Hotspot
  • Without a minimum contract term
  • Switch on and start surfing
  • 4000 mAh Battery

CHF: 49.00 79.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best thing to do is to set up the twifi Home Internet Box near a window or balcony. Try different locations and let the box stand for a few minutes at a time until you get the reception strength indicated by the number of LEDs that light up.
You receive the twifi Home Internet Box completely preconfigured and installed ready-to-use. You don't have to worry about anything anymore! Unpack, set up the box in a suitable location and connect it to the power supply using the mains adapter supplied. Finished!
The LED on the front of the twifi Home Internet Box shows you whether and to which network you are connected. The LED should light up light blue, then you are connected to super fast 4G+. If it lights up red, there is no connection.
Yes! The twifi Home Internet Box works wherever you have a power connection and where there is cellular coverage. So you can take the box with you to the holiday apartment anywhere in Switzerland.
Yes, the twifi Home Internet Box offers you unlimited 4G, 4G+ or 5G data whether you are connected to Sunrise or Salt. There is also no reduction in speed when you use a lot of data. You always stay connected at the best speed, unlimited!
If you pay immediately by credit card, we will send the box, ordered by 4:00 pm, on the same day! Or on the desired start/delivery date. If you choose prepayment, the box will be sent when the payment is received. That is usually 1-3 days later.
During the ordering process, you can select the start/delivery date. We will send you the box on the desired date and the subscription will only start then.
Yes. The Basic, Premium and Ultimate Box has 2 LAN ports, on the back. You can also connect devices via network cable.
This is 2 months at the end of the billing period.